What kind of place is the Sekai no Meiken Bokujo
(Communication Park for Dogs and People)?

Sekai no Meiken Bokujo is a dog community park where dogs and people can deepen their bonds, people can enjoy interactions with one another, and dogs can learn socialization.

Playing with Dogs

In this area, you can play with the dogs that live here at Sekai no Meiken Bokujo. When you find a dog you like, you can pet them or go for walk around the grounds.

Playing with Dogs in the Dog Park

Sekai no Meiken Bokujo is home to Japan’s largest dog park, “Dog Hills.” Expansive fields and large up and down slopes are rare at dog parks in Japan, and the dogs love to run around at full speed and play here!

About the Facilities

At Sekai no Meiken Bokujo, there are tons of facilities where you can enjoy playing with dogs. Try running around in the expansive grass with the dog of your choice!

Dog Park

The dog park here is expansive, and dogs just love to run around in it at full speed! Since there are two separate park areas, one for small dogs and one for medium-sized and large dogs, small dogs can play freely as well. In addition, there are pools in the both of the two areas for each type of dog to use.

Petting Area

In this area, you can pet the numerous dogs who live here at Sekai no Meiken Bokujo and also talk them for walks around the grounds. All of our dogs are friendly and nice, so even small children and people who aren’t used to dogs can enjoy themselves without worry.


After playing your heart out and working up an appetite, you can enjoy some tasty dishes at the “Dog Café.” Dogs can eat right along with you, and there’s a special menu served just for them.

Dog Care & Professional Shop

Here, a wide range of services are provided. There are dog goods on sale, there’s a pet hotel where dogs can stay the night, and even dog care such as grooming and spa treatments is available as well.


A variety of different events are available. You can take part in an agility lesson with your dog, and there are also quiz events visitors who didn’t bring a pet can enjoy, as well as dog shows with performances by professional disc dogs and dog dancers.

Agility Lessons

The agility lessons are appropriate for any dog, regardless of whether they are beginners or have no experience at all. Our staff have abundant experience with the basics of dog sports like hurdles and ramps, and they’ll kindly teach you and your dog about them.

Disc Dog SHow

The dogs chase after Frisbees, then jump and catch with the perfect timing. During the show, you can see performances of people and dogs in wonderful combinations, and it’s very popular. It’s a traditional event that even features world title holders as participants.

50-Meter Dog Race

Dogs run at full speed on the 50 meter course! Infrared timing devices are used to measure the records. This popular event is held once a month, and all kinds of dogs ranging from puppies to elderly mixed breeds regardless of age.

Entry Fees







Children under 3


*A 10% discount is available for groups of 15 or more.


Business Hours

The park opens at 10:00 a.m. and closes at 6:00 p.m. *No entry after 5:30 p.m. *Closed during the end of the year and New Year’s holidays only (December 31st – January 2nd).

Visitors Coming by Car

The park is a 15-minute drive from the Akagi interchange. Follow the Akagi Nanmen road.

Visitors Coming by Public Transportation

Take the JR Ryomo Line to Maebashi Station, then take a Kanetsu Kotsu bus bound for “Fujimi Onsen” to the last stop, “Fujimi Onsen.” From there, it’s about a 5-minute walk.